How To Solve Afterpay Account Blocked From Making Purchases

Afterpay lets you split your purchase into four installments, payable every two weeks with no interest. There is a minimum and maximum purchase amount. You can increase it based on your payment history. If a user misses an installment, late fees pile up. If the fees reach a certain limit, the user’s AfterPay account is blocked.

AfterPay’s operations model is built on user-friendly policies. It’s a responsible company, so it doesn’t approve 100% of orders. It looks at a variety of factors. There’s a chance your order will be declined, even if the amount is less than your spending limit. There may also be some restrictions based on the merchant where you’re shopping. The more you shop and pay back with Afterpay, the more you’ll be able to spend.

I’ll explain why Afterpay is blocked your account from making purchases as well as the solution. 

Why Is My Afterpay Account Blocked From Making Purchases And How To Fix It?

Well, there are a bunch of reasons for this. It’s possible your Afterpay limit disappeared, you’re using Afterpay in a country that doesn’t support it, or you’ve been caught manipulating the system. 

In this quick list, I’ll go over the reasons why your Afterpay account might be blocked.

If You Have Due installment

Once you have an installment scheduled on your Afterpay account, you can’t make another purchase. In addition, Afterpay can block your account from buying stuff if your installments are pending for a long time.

Solution: To solve this problem, you just need to pay the installments due. With any of its services, Afterpay does not charge interest on the amount you borrow. A small late fee will be charged if you pay the installments after the scheduled time. You should also pay the due late fee.

Maybe You Are Manipulating The Afterpay System

If you can’t make any new purchases on Afterpay, it could be because you got penalized. This usually happens when you consciously or unconsciously manipulate the Afterpay system for money laundering or any unethical practice. A security system from Afterpay identifies accounts that manipulate the platform in any way. This results in Afterpay restricting those accounts.

Solution: In order to prevent this situation, you simply need to avoid engaging in any unethical activity on Afterpay. There isn’t a specific solution to this problem. Make sure you do not practice any unauthorized activities that you actually don’t know how to handle.  

Too Many Purchases Also The Reasons of Afterpay Account Blocking

Another possible reason for Afterpay declining your payment is that you may have multiple orders open at the same time. Open orders in the market still need to be filled, so they are waiting to be executed. The order may remain open since certain conditions, such as the limit price, have not yet been met. Having multiple open orders can increase your risk. 

The Afterpay website doesn’t mention any limits on active purchase orders. It is likely that having more than two active orders might cause problems. More significant than the number of requests is the amount you borrowed.

Solution: This problem has a simple solution. Whenever you have been blocked from making a purchase, make sure to complete the previous order. If you intend to request a significant amount of money through Afterpay, you will need to close any active orders. 

Expensive Order is Another Reasons of Afterpay Account Blocking

If you are a new user of Afterpay, one thing you should keep in mind is to avoid ordering anything expensive. When you purchase a product that costs more than $100, AfterPay may decline your order. With AfterPay, purchasing expensive items can result in a substantial outstanding balance and account blocking.

Solution: Before buying anything more than $100, you should first establish a purchase history with AfterPay. As a result, your profile will reflect your ability to repay your installments on time.

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