Apartments That Accept Broken Leases

Broken leases occur when you terminate a rental contract and start another with a new tenant. Or vice versa. Terminating a house lease can attract penalties that can affect your credit score if not settled. There are apartments that accept you even when you break the lease. However, it may not be an easy process for you.

In this article, we will look at some of the top apartments that accept broken leases across the country. We’ll also look at other freedoms extended to people with broken leases. If you contemplate evicting a disturbing roommate, we also have a guide for you.

What Is Breaking A Lease?

A lease break occurs when your landlord decides to cancel your contract and engage in a new one with a new tenant. Here you forfeit all claims to the unit. Additionally, they are no longer liable for rent payments. So, once you break your lease, you no longer have any ownership rights of the apartment.

What apartments take broken leases?

Suffering a broken lease or eviction is a horrible event. But if such happens do not worry too much. You can partner with some companies like Houston Broken Leases to help you secure a house. Some companies will examine your eligibility and help you secure a house.

Houston is the biggest unzone metropolitan region in the United States. This implies that the units are practically strewn everywhere. There is a diverse network of apartment buildings and landlords around the region. You can get second chance apartments throughout Midtown Houston, and The Woodlands. Other broken lease apartments can be found in;

  • Conroe
  • Pearland
  • Tomball
  • Katy
  • Spring
  • Humble
  • West Houston
  • Galleria
  • Clear Lake
  • Webster

How To Get Someone Off Your Lease?

Unfortunately, sharing a roof with another person is not always simple. Shared homes are the source of many horrible stories we hear every day. Roommates leaving filth anywhere, others don’t want to owner their rent payment agreements among other problems. Others If there are disagreements you cannot address with your housemate, eviction is the only solution you have.

Unfortunately, this process is very tedious because both of you have the same rights to remain on the property. However, that doesn’t make it impossible. There are a number of ways you can circumvent this. These include; 

Talking about it

The simplest course of action is to have an open yet respectful debate with your housemate. You can even settle the difficulties peacefully and agree to continue living together. This eliminates a great deal of additional paperwork and bother. But if the situation is unworkable, parting ways may be the best decision.

If you resolve the issue through a talk, you engage the landlord to have the lease varied.  This will be through the removal of your housemate’s name from the lease. You can add any new tenants who take up residence in the soon-to-be-vacant room.

Note, if your disagreements are simply personal, your co-tenant does not need to leave. He or she is normally entitled to see out the agreed renting period. If they can endure living in a high-stress environment, there is nothing you can do.

Look for a mediator

If you are unable to handle the problem on your own, you can seek third-party assistance from a mediator. Several agencies advise that you seek assistance from a community justice center. This is to organize a dialogue between the two warring parties. Note that the dialogue may result in your flatmate agreeing to move out. Both parties must be willing to have the case resolved by an external party. After the issue is over, you may contact the landlord to get your lease agreement changed.

Issues notice to vacate

If you are the head tenant and your housemate is a sub-tenant, you are essentially their landlord. So, if they break their tenancy agreement, you are at liberty to issue them with notice to leave. However, you must specify on what grounds they should leave. You can get it from your state’s consumer body.

The sub-tenant should have a specified length of time to depart depending on the cause of the violation. Different states can vary from an immediate eviction to 120 days. If your housemate fails to comply with the notice, you can take the case to a court.

Get termination order

In most states, you can seek an order terminating your housemate’s tenancy. This is normally done lawfully by the administrative tribunal. The tribunal can issue orders compelling tenants to follow the rental agreements. They can also terminate their tenancy in need there be. Note, you must show or convince the tribunal member that the circumstances warrant it. Even then, it is improbable that you would receive a speedy remedy. And even if granted tenancy termination, there is a time given for them to vacate.

Take it to court

If a termination order is unsuccessful, you can petition your state’s court to hear the case. Although this will cost you a modest fee. You are normally obliged to attend a hearing. Here, a tribunal member will provide an enforceable judgment on the tenancy. If your roommate continues to defy the tribunal, the order is given to evict them.

Break The Lease And Move To Another Apartment

Leaving the flat is a viable option. That is if your roommate is unwilling to go. Regrettably, this means you will be breaching your lease. This will automatically result in severe repercussions. They may be like you paying an extra two months’ rent. Breaking your lease should be a last resort to escape a bad circumstance. If you have a recorded eviction, it will hinder you not to get another apartment. The same is if you have a breached lease agreement. This is if the records are on your rental record.  Note, you will have to pay a significant sum of money for breaching your lease.

Locate a replacement roommate to sublease for them if they go

If your contract permits subleasing, you can locate a new roommate to sublease their room. That if your previous roommate vacates the flat. If not, speak with your landlord about your choices for finding a new roommate. You can also speak to property management if they are responsible. This will definitely give you a solution to your conflict. 

Make trouble roommate pay

You could be thinking, “Of course I want my roommate to pay, but he isn’t, which is why I’m here.” There are legal avenues available to you for obtaining payment from your roommate. If you can meet your rent in the interim, you are eligible for reimbursement of your losses.

One alternative is to submit an official demand letter for overdue rent to the roommate. The letter should specify precisely how much you desire to have compensation. Also, give a reason why you want the compensation. While this letter may have no effect, it is an excellent supplement to your case. That is in case you find yourself in court fighting for overdue rent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does a broken lease stay on your credit?

Lease termination is not reported to the credit agencies. So, it will not appear on your record. Unpaid damages sold to collection agencies are normally reported as defaulted debt. The same applies to early termination fees. Thus, remaining on your credit report for seven years. The worst part is not how long it takes for a broken lease to show up on your credit record, but how long it stays there. Breaking an apartment contract is not something to take lightly.

Can you buy a house with a broken lease?

Yes! The best news about the broken lease it does not show up on credit reports. So, if you have a broken lease, you can buy a house because your credit is not affected. Note that as mentioned, your unpaid damages may affect your credit score. So, if you have some arrears with the landlord, you need to settle them.

How do you find out if I have a broken lease?

All the records about house renting are normally reported in a bureau that takes care of the records. So, you can look for litigation records by calling the county or district clerk’s office. You can also pay them a visit. If current proceedings are already identified, there may be a breached lease. This is not only for tenants but also for property companies or landlords.

How do I clear my rental history?

If you have already compensated the landlord, you can petition the reporting firm to erase the past eviction from your rental history. Investigate your county’s eviction expungement laws.


Sometimes we cannot control the trajectory our lives take. It’s easy to find yourself in a situation you never envisioned and you have to break a lease. When that happens, it leaves a dent in your financial records. Unfortunately, this can easily become your bane haunting you every time you want a new house. Thankfully, a number of apartments accept tenants with broken leases.  So, if you have suffered this before, that’s not the end of you. You can still rent a house and return your name to good books.

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