Can I Get My Varo Debit Card Number Without My Card

Can i get my Varo debit card number without my card

Have you misplaced or lost your Vero debit card and would like to know its number? Relax as there is a method that can help you get started. To start with, you need to have this number so that you can perform a number of transaction such as making purchases and also paying bills over the phone. In this article, we shall take a closer look at this, how to get my varo debit card number without my card, alongside any other related idea.

Is It Possible to Get My Varo Debit Card Number Without My Card

Whether you have lost or misplaced your Varo debit card, chances are that you will incur a couple of inconveniences as you will not be able to make purchases as desired. Also, paying bills using the card might be a tall order for you. To avert such problems, you should seek help as soon as possible.

If you are a victim of such circumstances, the only solution left is to contact Varo customer support team. To reach the customer support team of this bank, feel free to dial 1-877-377-8276 and then narrate your story in details.

The agent on the other hand will ask a number of questions in order to establish that you are the legitimate owner of the card. From the balance on your card to your full names, there are many details that you might be required to submit so that the agent can let you know your debit card’s number. Thereafter, you will be able to make purchases, pay bills and so forth.

If you are not able to reach the customer support team on phone, email them at and then tell your story in detail. After a couple of hours or even days, they will send the debit card’s number to your mail. However, you must convince them that you are truly the legitimate owner of the card.

What I Do if Varo Card Has Been Misplaced, Lost or Stolen

The last thing that you would like to happen is to lose or misplace your Varo debit card. This is because you might not be able to make withdrawals at the ATM, make purchases, pay bills, get cash back for purchases made and so forth. However, such cases are always imminent from time to time. In case your Varo debit card is stolen the first thing so do is to lock your card. To do this, here are the steps that can help you get started:

  • First and foremost, log in to the Varo App
  • Key in your log in details and then click on the ‘My Varo> Card Services’.
  • Navigate downwards and select ‘Lock your card’ option. You will see this option below your card’s image.
  • Move the toggle to the right and you will have managed to lock the card.

By locking your card, no one will be able to use it until it gets unlocked. Thereafter, you can contact Varo customer support team at 1-877-377-8276. Narrate your story and you will be guided on how you will receive your replacement card.

You can also get a replacement card using the Varo app by following these steps:

  • Open the Varo app on your mobile phone
  • Key in your log in details
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ option and then tap on the ‘Personal info’ section.
  • Confirm that your email address is right. In case it is right, contact 1-800-827-6526.
  • Since this is an automated call, you will hear a number of options. Choose option 5 and then you will be guided on how to replace your card.

Although you might not incur any extra fees to get a new replacement card, you might incur some shipping charges in case you want the card to be delivered within 2 days via UPS or Express Shipping.

Typically, you may incur a $25 shipping fee. However, if you want to receive it free of charge, be sure that you will receive it within 6 to 9 days. Remember that it will be sent to you through the free Standard Shipping by USPS.

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