Cheap Studio Apartments For Rent Near Me

If you’re looking for an apartment, you might be considering a smaller than average accommodation due to the high cost of living. And if you’re alone, or with a roommate, you’ll want to check online for cheap studio apartments near me. Studio apartments have become a popular choice for people to create innovative small space living solutions.

However, before you move, it’s essential for renters to know what a studio apartment is and how it differs from other configurations. We’ll examine the differences in terms of price and size, plus, walk you through the basics of a studio apartment. This will help you pick one that fits your lifestyle.

What is a Studio Apartment

It is a single room type of accommodation. A studio apartment combines your living area, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and dining room together in open floor space. It doesn’t have walls dividing different rooms. Although your bathroom will be isolated, thanks to requirements by the U.S. house laws. Studios work around the idea of one large room functioning as a primary living area.

Even so, studio interiors provide inspiration to some of the finest design pictures. It is amazing to see how people originate innovative solutions to support small space living.

Studio Apartment vs. 1 Bedroom

In comparison to 1 bedrooms, studio apartments are simple and comfy. This could be an advantage for most renters. But unlike the 1 bedroom configuration, the lack of space, rooms, and privacy could be a deal-breaker for some renters.

Besides, it might take a bit of time to adjust to the concept of your bedroom attached to your kitchen. So, if the meal you’re preparing has a lingering smell, you’ll have to sleep right alongside it.

Studios are often excellent for single renters in cities with high rental prices. Going for a cozy studio instead of a one bedroom apartment could save you a lot of money. Of course, those savings on cheap studio apartments near me come at the expense of space and privacy.

Although 1 bedroom living in the studio apartment standard, plenty of studios include some kind of room divider. For instance, many have half walls or ingeniously mounted built-in shelves. These help to define the space and give a little privacy.

Should You Lease a Studio Apartment

Before you do an internet search on cheap studio apartments near me, you’ll want to see if it’s your ideal accommodation. Studios can cater to most tenants’ housing needs. The scarcity of funds can compel small families to rent studio apartments. However, studios are a great match for single working professionals.

If you’re looking at real estate investment, most landlords provide end of lease buyout options for studios. Apart from being a property owner, these units can fetch excellent rental returns, especially in established locations.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Studio Apartment

Studios offer plenty of benefits, such as affordable rent and cheaper utility bills, plus, a less is more lifestyle. But, if you’re going to live in a studio apartment, you must apply due diligence about layout and storage. Also, keep in mind that accommodating visitors might prove challenging.

Even though studios have their limitations, they are best suited for those who don’t require much living space. Plus, some renters overlook space just to be near the city center, where rent is a premium. Affordability is a significant selling point for studio apartments, particularly in comparison to larger units like one bedrooms. Moreover, studios are becoming an increasingly popular choice among single residents, including students and adults living on a budget.

Here’s a quick pros vs cons chart for studio apartments:

The Pros

  • cheap studio apartments near me
  • Lower utility bills owing to lesser consumption
  • Affordable housing unlike other configurations
  • Low to zero maintenance

The Cons

  • Unsuitable for larger families
  • Limited space without clear demarcations
  • Requires extra storage space
  • Inadequate privacy to accommodate guests

Keep reading as we examine the special features you’ll find when searching for cheap studio apartments near me. We’ll also share a few ideas for decorating your studios.

Special Features to Consider While Searching Cheap Studio Apartments Near Me

As mentioned earlier, most studios incorporate partitions. These dividers help to seclude the bedroom and kitchen from the rest of the living room. Plus, bonus points if you secure a studio with colorful shelving.

Studio apartments with pre-built shelving and open cubes are commonplace. They make for great storage space for décor or books while improving privacy.

The kitchen is also essential. Most studios today come with a substantial kitchen instead of a kitchenette. This is often along one wall of your room.

You’ll want to move into an apartment studio with mirrored walls and doors. They are especially good if you want to incorporate a sense of space. When they reflect light, mirrors make your house seem larger.

Studio Apartment Decor

Your studio apartment décor can make or break the entire experience of living in a studio. Therefore, it’s critical to make practical and stylish choices as you decorate your room. For instance, items like fold-down beds and sleeper-sofas may be indispensable, based on available space.

Also, compact furniture can dramatically improve your studio apartment interior. You can still go with mirrored furniture that reflects light. Acrylic furnishings are another popular pick if you want to achieve a modest look.

Do not underestimate the impact of multi-purpose furnishings. For example, you can get a living room chair that doubles as a side- or coffee table if necessary.

Watch out for cleverly designed studio apartments. They include features like beds that fold out over other furniture. You may also want to look for a studio with built-in wardrobes or closets that conceal other smaller spaces.

5 Best Sites For Finding Cheap Studio Apartments Near Me

Before you begin your search, note that the biggest studios max out at 600 square feet. And they are as small as 300 square feet. So, the smaller your space, the more innovative you’ll become to create storage areas for all your items. The 2019 Apartment Guide Annual Rent Report suggests that a studio apartment averages $1,000 monthly.

Meanwhile, we’ve rounded up five top websites for searching the best cheap studio apartments near me. Check them out below.

1. Airbnb

It is more than just a famed hotel alternative. Airbnb offers a host of online housing options, including studio apartments. You can opt for fully furnished studios with the regular Airbnb digital interface.

Housing Varieties Offered

  • Houses
  • Single bedrooms
  • All types of apartments


  • Easy to filter listings
  • Wide assortment of studio types
  • Flexible rental terms
  • Available in major towns and cities worldwide
  • Secure payments


Do not let the name confuse your judgment, is not simply about sublets. The online rental organizations list both direct rentals and sublets, for virtually every housing solution. Plus, many of their rental listings contains short term or open leasing. This is great if you’re renting a studio to fill the need for temporary housing flexibility. 

Housing Varieties Offered

  • Houses
  • Single bedrooms
  • All types of apartments


  • Easy to browse listings
  • Offers both direct leases and sublets
  • Wide assortment of housing types
  • Flexible rental terms

3. HomeAway

It is an excellent house rental site for both short and long term housing. While HomeAway has listings for cheap studio apartments, they majorly deal with full home rentals. Even so, most of their housing solutions feature fully furnished living spaces.

Housing Varieties Offered

  • Houses
  • All types of apartments


  • Easy-to-scan house listings
  • Offers both short and long term rentals
  • Great selection of housing types

4. Short Term Housing

Students and other single dwellers looking for short term housing should consider this website. Short Term Housing delivers a unique yet simple experience. They’re solely dedicated to offering housing solutions for the short term. And it is one of the best online places to look for cheap studio apartments near me for its ease of use. Once you submit a request, a professional will contact you with a list of options that match your needs and budget.

Housing Varieties Offered

  • Houses
  • All types of apartments


  • Multiple housing solutions
  • Easy to use interface
  • Professional help
  • Customizable accommodation like furniture options 

5. Apartment Guide

It is one of the leading apartment rental websites in the country. Apartment Guide offers listings for temporary and long term housing. Plus, you’ll love the feature for filtering results by lease length. It’s a thoughtful addition to looking up nearby apartments that provide short term leases. You can search for month to month, three month, or six month contracts, based on your needs. And if you’re looking for fully furnished studio apartments, you’ll find plenty of them listed here.

Housing Varieties Offered

  • All types of apartments


  • Surf online listings
  • Provides short term leases
  • Offers filtered search options
  • Fully-furnished apartments available


Unlike bedroomed apartments, going for cheap studio apartments near me is to opt for a more compact living space. It is a self-contained unit that incorporates everything in a single room space, save for the bathroom. It can be a limited space to work with for some renters. That’s particularly if you intend to achieve the feeling of isolated rooms without walls to demarcate the spaces.

However, many studios feature half walls to separate different house areas and improve privacy. More importantly, your design ideas plus furniture choice and place can help create a defined space. You can have a studio apartment that defines which part of your room is for eating, hanging out with friends, or sleeping. 

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