Does Klarna Accept Chime

For people who can’t afford to pay with credit or debit cards, Klarna is an online payment platform that lets you pay later. Meanwhile, Chime is a popular mobile banking app that helps users stay financially secure and do their banking when it’s convenient. Klarna and Chime both offer 100% safe services. The Klarna payment system allows users to buy now and pay later, while its fraud prevention team, transaction verification, and monitoring ensure the process is safe. Klarna works with many banks, but not all of them, so it’s important to know which banks Klarna works with and which it doesn’t. 

There is this answer to a question that most Chime and Klarna users have always asked, which is “Does Klarna accept chime?”. If you’ve got the same question, I’ll provide you with the answers you need right here and all the other info you’ll need.

Does Klarna Accept Chime Debit Card? 

Klarna doesn’t accept Chime debit cards, and there is no way for Chime users to link their accounts and make payments through Klarna. It’s really surprising since Klarna’s site says it accepts all major debit and credit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express). Visa issues Chime debit cards. You will get the following error message if you attempt to use your Chime Visa debit card with Klarna: “Please use a different card; we don’t support your bank’s card yet. We are constantly working to increase coverage”. It doesn’t say anything on the Klarna website that they don’t accept Chime Cards. 

In response to your question about why Klarna doesn’t accept Chime, Klarna says- “Unfortunately, we were forced to stop accepting Chime because of denied payments. That, in turn, caused our customers to incur fees and sometimes lead to collections accounts.” So, it looks like Klarna has temporarily stopped accepting Chime Card due to payment declines. This may be temporary since it hasn’t yet listed Chime as an unacceptable payment method on its website.

Does Klarna Take Chime Credit Builder Cards?

Chime credit builder might work with Klarna. Let’s see if it works for you. Although it’s not a one hundred percent shot, many users have successfully used Chime Credit Builder cards with Klarna. Having Chime Credit Builder with Klarna makes sense since the chances of a payment decline are lower. It’s because you can use the card after parking the money in a Chime secured account (doubles as the maximum credit limit). It’s not that everyone can able to use it, as some Chime users haven’t been able to use even their Chime Builder Card on Klarna. However, it’s worth trying since the chances of success are better than Chime debit cards.

Here’s how you can add your Chime Credit Builder Card to Klarna. 

  • Open and Launch the Klarna app on your phone.
  • Sign in with your credentials and navigate to the Klarna home interface
  • Then find and navigate to “My Klarna Settings.”
  • You should see the “Payment Method” option. Tap on it. 
  • Then tap on the “Add a card” option. 
  • Fill out your Chime credit builder Card info 
  • Complete the process by following the onscreen prompts.

It takes at least $200 in direct deposits to qualify for Chime Credit Builder. You must reach the qualifying amount within 365 days (on trading days).

Which Banks Does Klarna Accept Instead of Chime?

We know that Klarna doesn’t support Chime. So, you can use Google Pay and Worldremit instead. Barclays and Citi are also physical banks you can use with Klarna. The Klarna app supports quite a few banks, but they recommend using PAY NOW direct banking for online-capable current accounts. You can also check if your bank is accepted using their wizard payment option. It’s helpful to remember that only current accounts are supported by Klarna PAY NOW, but savings accounts, investment accounts, and financial accounts aren’t supported.

If you ask about cards, then there is good news Klarna accepts almost all credit and debit cards such as Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover, and Maestro. 

In contrast, you should know the following:

  • Klarna doesn’t accept AMEX cards for one-time cards.
  • It’s not possible to use Capital One credit cards for Klarna purchases, but you can use Capital One debit cards
  • Klarna does not accept prepaid cards

Which BNPL Does Chime Work With?

Chime and Klarna don’t work together, but there are other BNPLs (Buy now, pay later) that do work well with Chime;

  • Afterpay
  • Affirm
  • Sezzle
  • ZIP (Formerly called QuadPay)

Will Klarna Accept Chime In The Future?

Even though predicting the future doesn’t really work, the restriction seems to be temporary, considering the kind of errors users get. In addition, the Klarna website doesn’t say anything about declining Chime cards. Hopefully, Chime users will benefit from this in the future.

Why Does Klarna Decline Prepaid Cards?

You get prepaid cards with money on them. Like a debit card, you can use it anywhere. However, the operational scenario is different from a debit card. However, Klarna doesn’t accept prepaid cards. No matter if you’ve got prepaid cards from Chime, Venmo, Cash App, or anywhere else, Klarna doesn’t take them for transactions. Klarna might start accepting them too in the future, but you never know.

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