What Gas Stations Accept Venmo QR Code Payment

Cashless and contactless payment methods have become more popular. As a mobile financial service company, Venmo works well. With the Venmo app and Venmo wallet, anyone can pay anytime or transfer money anywhere in the country. If you are a Venmo user, you must know the advantages of this fintech brand. Apart from shopping online at stores like Walmart, you can also pay at gas stations across the country. It’s not new that you drive along a long road trip, stop by a gas station to refill, and then pay the amount using your Venmo account QR code. In this case, you’ll find Venmo convenient and want to use it daily to get rid of carrying cash.

But it’s not that every gas station accepts Venmo as a payment method. Basically, I’m talk about the gas stations that accept Venmo and if you can pay with a Venmo QR code.

Can You Pay With Venmo QR Code At Gas Stations?

Most of the gas station chains accept Venmo across the country. There are several ways to pay with Venmo at gas stations. You can add your Venmo card or link your Venmo wallet directly from the gas chains’ apps. Most of the National Gas stations have their apps. Which you can link with your Venmo card as a payment method. Paying for gas using the Venmo app is convenient if you want a contactless transaction. You can also use your Venmo card to pay for the gas. Venmo payments are accepted at some gas stations if you swipe your Venmo card. To avoid hold charges that might result in excess debits or transaction decline, it’s better to make a payment at the gas station with your Venmo card (rather than swiping it at the pump). Using an app can make this easy if you’re tech-savvy. So, the two contemporary ways you can pay at gas stations using Venmo are:

  1. You can use a Venmo card at the pump or register.
  2. Using a Venmo Card or Venmo Wallet with the Gas Station App, you can pay for gas.

But unfortunately, you can’t use Venmo QR Code to pay at gas stations in a convenient way. Gas stations prefer using their own apps to collect payments from their customers. Here you will have to link your Venmo App to their apps. Additionally, you will have the option to pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay instead of their apps.

Gas Stations Accept Venmo Payment & QR Code Scanning Payment Mode

I can name the gas stations that accept QR codes for payment. But using Venmo QR code at gas stations is yet to launch as they have not integrated Venmo QR code into their system. The names of companies with the QR code scanning system for payments are mentioned here.

  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Exxon
  • Krogers
  • Mobil
  • Shell
  • Texaco

QR codes are usually sanctioned by their mobile applications. You’ll see them on Apple Pay and Google Pay too.

But with the Venmo app and Venmo debit card, you can pay at most of the gas stations in the country. 

As the first fuel company, Chevron started accepting Venmo for gas purchases at gas stations. From now on, Venmo is an option for its Texaco and Chevron smartphones apps. Both iOS and Android devices can use the apps, which are in the App Store and Google Play Store. Venmo is an extension of Chevron’s strategy to give consumers flexibility and seamless interaction with the company. Venmo has 40 million U.S. users, and the integration lets you split payments or share them with others. Consumers can now pay for high-quality Chevron and Texaco fuels in mobile apps using the payment methods they prefer.

The Complication About Venmo QR Code At Gas Stations

Gas stations accept QR code, you can pay with a Venmo wallet by scanning the codes. But, right now, gas stations don’t have Venmo QR codes that you can scan. You can’t even ask them to scan your Venmo code to get the money. In that case, the gas station companies must be Venmo-affiliated before enabling it. They should affiliate with their Point of Sale (POS) provider to enable the system for Venmo users.

Why Are Gas Stations Launching Their App For Payment ?

Instead of using QR codes, gas stations are more into using their own apps. Many of them have already developed their own apps like Chevron. And many of them are in the process of launching their apps.  

Every time the company partners with another payment platform, there’s a cost involved. They are more likely to integrate Venmo wallet into their App than to partner with Venmo separately. As a result, the gas stations continue to gain significant financial benefits. In addition, gas stations offer their customers rewards for using their apps. Offering customers discounts and rewards makes them more likely to use their App. Having an app that’s doing well is always beneficial to the business since it brings passive income. And the stations want to make pump locations easier for you. Also, it’s a great way to see how often you had to pay for gas in a month and how much you paid. So, Venmo and similar payment apps aren’t going away entirely for gas stations. Venmo wallet was added to Chevron and Texaco’s payment methods just two years ago. Venmo’s parent company, PayPal wallet, had been accepted by Chevron long before that.

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