Does Go2bank Accept Wire Transfers

Technology has brought us a lot of inventions in this modern age. In addition, it has provided multiple facilities for humanity. A few things in banking history have been useful for sending money to your family and friends. The wire transfer is one of them. Wire transfers work on the SWIFT network, an electronic money transfer system. You can transfer money from one credit union or bank to another. You can send money in any foreign currency with a wire transfer. 

On the other hand, GO2bank is a digital bank designed to make banking more convenient for you by allowing you to access, manage, and move your money quickly and affordably. It only works within the U.S. and US-based bank accounts. Users can transfer money through the GO2banks app or web-based online banking. Now the question is whether GO2bank accept wire transfers? Let me explain it here.

Does Go2bank Accept Wire Transfers For Send Money

The GO2bank is a digital banking concern of Green Dot bank. GO2bank lets its users stay ahead of the technology, and the customers can transfer money using the mobile app. This is why GO2bank doesn’t need or accept any wire transfers. Instead, you can transfer money from your bank account to your GO2bank account using the smartphone application. There are various transfer protocols that GO2bank allows, some of which don’t. You will get the answer regarding the money transfer further in this article. 

Is It Possible To Wire Transfer From Another Bank Account To Go2bank?

People need to deal with the banking systems for various purposes. From personal to business, every sector is connected to bank transactions. That is why we have to deal with different banks as people have different bank accounts. In that case, transferring money from another bank account to Go2bank is possible. To begin with this wire transfer, you need to link your Go2bank account with another bank account. Linking another bank account to your GO2bank account is straightforward, and you can transfer funds free of charge. The transfer process will be completed within 3 business days by 10 pm Pacific Standard Time. 

Here is how you can link another bank account to your GO2bank account;

  1. Open the GO2bank app and log in to your account.
  2. Choose “Move Money.”
  3. Navigate to the menu and tap on “Bank transfer”.
  4. Then, choose the bank you’d like to link.
  5. Now submit the bank account credentials you used to log in. You need not worry about the safety of your data since GO2bank uses Plaid to connect your bank account. It’s a safe and private way to link your accounts.
  6. You’ll need to complete the verification checks the bank requires.
  7. Finally, you can transfer funds immediately after this is done.

Another option is to use your bank’s app or website to transfer money from another account. So your friends and family can send you money from their bank accounts. You’ll need your GO2bank routing and bank account numbers to set up the transfer and complete the transaction. When you log in to the GO2bank app or website, you can find this info on the direct deposit page. There might be a fee from your other bank. But GO2bank does not charge any fees for this type of transaction. 

Does Go2bank Accept Wire Transfers From Other Debit Cards?

If you want to use another debit card, it has to be issued by a U.S. bank and has the same name as your GO2bank account. And the card needs to be a Visa or Mastercard. Simply link your Visa or Mastercard debit card to GO2bank in the app or online. Just let GO2bank know how much you want to transfer. Money usually takes 30 minutes or faster to transfer from your linked debit card to your GO2bank account. But keep in mind that there’s a fee and a limit.

Linking another debit card is easy; just follow the steps:

  1. Launch the GO2bank app on your phone
  2. Find and tap on “Move Money.”
  3. Then navigate to “Debit card transfer” and tap on it. 
  4. Then simply follow the prompts on the interface. 

Does Go2bank Allow Wire Transfers From Another Person’s Bank Account To My Account?

It’s only possible to transfer money from a U.S. bank account to your GO2bank account. If your friend or partner wants to wire transfer from their bank account to your GO2bank account, they must visit their bank’s website or app.

Can I Wire Transfer From My Go2bank Account To Another Bank Account?

If you have a GO2bank account, you may have already encountered the barrier of receiving a wire transfer from another bank account. This is because GO2bank does not allow receiving wire transfers from another account. For now, you can only transfer money from another bank to your GO2bank account.

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