How To Add Visa Gift Card To Venmo Account

Have you received a visa gift card from your friend, hubby or family and wondering how to add it to venmo? Worry no further as we have all the answers for you. If you have a loaded gift card and want to transfer funds to your venmo balance, the process is so easy. This is because venmo accepts funds from prepaid cards or gift cards that are network branded. Since visa gift card belongs to one of the major credit card network, it qualifies to be a network branded card. This makes is super easy to add and use it on venmo. As long as the card is registered under your name, you’re good to go. Let’s take a closer look on how to add visa gift card to venmo and other related ideas.

Before expounding on how to add visa gift card to venmo, let’s first understand what a visa gift card is. This is a prepaid visa card used to purchase items in any merchant that accept visa cards. Basically, it is a non-reloadable prepaid debit card that works just like cash when activated. The card is normally loaded by the card issuer and gifted to the card holder to use for shopping or pay bills in any merchant that accept visa payments. Rather than using it for shopping, you can also add visa gift card to other payment platforms like venmo.

Venmo on the other is a popular payment company that allows you to send and receive money from friends. It is a peer-to-peer type of payment platform that operates inform of a mobile app to enable easy transfer of money online. Besides, you can use it to pay goods, services or transfer money to your online bank account for free. In addition to that, venmo is compatible with prepaid or gift cards from big brands like American express, MasterCard and visa gift card among others. Therefore, you can add your visa gift card to venmo seamlessly through the process explained below:  

Steps To Add Visa Gift Card To Venmo

Since venmo accepts gifts card that are network branded, the processing of adding a visa gift card to your venmo account is so easy. Here is how:

  • Download a venmo app and login with your credentials.
  • On top of your screen, you will find three lines icon.
  • Tap the three lines and select “ settings”
  • When the settings menu opens, tap on “ preference”
  • The preference list will open with a list of items. Tap on the second item in the list which is “ payment method”
  • Scroll down until you see “ add a bank or card”
  • Select “add card” option.
  • This step requires you to enter valid information about your visa gif card. This card be a 16 digit number, expiration date etc.
  • You can also opt to click the camera button to add a picture of your card.
  • Finalize the process by clicking “ add card button”
  • Wait for your cards balance to reflect on the venmo app.

Note that: your visa gift card should be officially registered to an address. Therefore, you will be required to provide your cards ZIP code when adding your visa gift card to venmo.

How To Find Zip Code In My Visa Gift Card?

When asked to provide your visa gift card’s ZIP code when linking it to venmo, some users might not know what exactly to provide. Unlike visa gift card’s code and account number that are always printed on the card, your zip code is not. To find zip code for your visa gift card, check from your digital/ mailed billing statement from the card’s company. Note that your ZIP code should match your mailing or shipping address.  

How Do I Know I Successfully Linked My Visa Gift Card To Venmo?

Once you finish linking your visa gift card to venmo, you can check the linking status by opening “settings menu, followed by “preference” and tap on “payment methods”. If the card was successfully linked, it will appear on the list of bank accounts and cards that are linking to your venmo account. . Also, you can check whether your gift card balance has reflected in the venmo balance to know whether you have successfully linked them.

Why My Visa Gift Card Get Rejected By Venmo?

As we mentioned, the process of linking a visa gift card to venmo is very easy because visa gift card is a network branded card. However, it’s still possible for the card to be rejected on venmo. In case you experience such hiccups, you should contact venmo customer service for help. However, this is likely to happen for various reasons. These are:

  • Lack of funds : One of the major reasons for visa gift card to be rejected on venmo is unavailability of funds. If there is no money to access in your visa gift card, it will obviously no link with venmo. If so, call to confirm with your card issuer that the card is loaded and working effectively.
  • Invalid zip code : When linking your visa gift card to venmo, you might or might not be asked to provide your ZIP code. In the event that your Zip code is required, providing an invalid zip code will fail the linking process. Therefore, you should enter a valid zip code that matches with your mailing address.
  • Suspected fraud : If there is any fraud suspicious activities associated with your gift card, the process of linking it to venmo account will be declined.
  • If your gift card type doesn’t allow : It’s important to note that there are types of visa gift cards that doesn’t support being added as a payment method to venmo. Such cards are purposely meant to make online or in-store purchases at specific merchants. If your visa gift card is made to make purchases only, the process of linking it to venmo will be rejected.  

Wrap Up

As seen, the process on how to add visa gift card to venmo is so easy. However, it’s important to note that your card issuer can decline or disapprove linking the card to venmo account. As long as your visa gift card is registered under your name, your issuer agrees to it, your card has available funds with no fraud suspensions, you can successfully link it to venmo through our well explained procedure above.

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