How To Check Apple Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

Gone and never to come are those days when one had to carry cash in bulk for his or her desired product or service. As we speak, gift cards have revolutionized the entire purchasing process and thus offered many users unmatched convenience. This is because the card can be used to make purchases instead of using cash. Besides this, they offer more flexibility as you can buy anything you please with this card. As long as the card is loaded, you will be good to go. Although there are some retail stores that issue gift cards, you can also get this card from Apple. Currently, Apple gift cards are some of the most given and received gift cards worldwide. With this card in place, be sure that you will have an easy time buying any Apple product you please. Whether it is an Apple watch or an iPhone, be sure that there are a plethora of products you can purchase with this card. As you purpose to buy these products, you may want to check the balance on your Apple gift card so that you can make an informed decision. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how you can check Apple gift card balance without redeeming, alongside other helpful ideas.

What Is An Apple Gift Card?

Simply put, these are gift cards issued by Apple Company and can be used to buy Apple products and services from the Apple store. Like we mentioned above, this card will allow you to redeem it or add money to your Apple account balance any amount you please. Some of the products you can purchase here include Apple products, games, apps, movies, music, TV shows and so forth.

Funds from this gift card usually go to the user’s Apple account balance and can thus be used to cater for the expenses mentioned above. Besides paying for Apple products and services, this card can also be used to pay for subscription services such as Netflix. This is because in-app purchases fall under the App Store goods category.

How Much Can An Apple Gift Card Hold?

As far as the amount an Apple gift card can hold, it is imperative to note that these cards can come in various money amounts. To put it into perspective, these cards can hold any amount ranging from $10 to $200. Depending on your budget, you will know how much you are going to use at a go.

For instance, if you redeem $20, be sure that you will be able to download several songs and other premium apps on your iPhone or Mac. Better still, you can have a month or two of popular streaming services. As long as your card is loaded, be sure that you will have plenty to do with it.

Can I Check My Apple Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming It?

Yes. Although you may have to redeem the Apple gift card for you to know its balance, there are instances when you can check the balance of your card without having essentially having to redeem it. Other times, you may have found a lost gift card and would like to send it as a gift to someone whom you love, but you are not certain about the balance of the card.

Before you send the gift card as a gift to someone you love or care about, there is a need to know its balance first. By knowing the balance, you can alert the other person in advance so that he can plan his or her budget. If you want to exchange the gift card for cash, you also be required to determine its balance before it gets to the other party.

If you want to check the balance of your Apple gift card without redeeming it, you should first visit “” and login in with your iCloud account. Thereafter, you will see a number of options on your screen, including the ‘check the balance of a gift card’. Click this option, and you will be prompted to enter the pin located on the back of your gift card. By doing this, you will be able to see the balance on your card.

Better still, you can contact the iTunes support center on 1-888-320-3301. By dialing this contact number, you will be connected to a representative from the iTunes support center, where you can readily explain your issue. The representative on the other end will ask you a number of details to verify whether it is you and then let you know the value on your gift card.

However, you have to submit vital details such as the PBHxxxxxx or GCAxxxx code which is located at the left bottom of your card. Besides knowing the balance on your card, you will also be able to know whether your card is active or not.

If it is active, you will be at liberty to redeem it the way you please. It is imperative to note that it is only users who reside in the US who can check their Apple gift card balances, as illustrated above.

If you reside in Canada, you may have to use your mobile device to check your Apple gift card’s balance. This is because there is no way to check your card’s balance online. To get started, you should dial 1-888-320-3301 on your smartphone.

By calling this contact, you will be connected to the automated phone system where you can now ask it to check your Apple store gift card balance. Here, you can say, ‘Check my Apple gift card balance’ and you will be good to go.

Thereafter, you will be redirected to the gift card department, where you will be asked to choose your preferred language. Once you select your preferred language, choose option 1 for your gift card balance. The system will then ask you to enter your gift card’s PIN for verification purposes. Consequently, the system will inform you of the balance on your card.

Individuals who do not reside in neither the US nor Canada have to take their gift cards to the nearest Apple store and ask any member of the customer service team to check the balance for them. With the gift card in place, be sure that this process will only take a few minutes, and you will know the value on your card.

How Do I Redeem My Apple Gift Card?

When redeeming your Apple gift card, you should first lookout for the 16-digit card located at the back of your card. Depending on the design of your card, you may have to peel or even scratch off the label for you to see the code. Once you have this code, you can now go to your iPhone device and then open the App Store app.

After opening the app, you will see the ‘sign-in’ button at the top of your screen. This is where your photo is located. If you are not logged in, sign in with your Apple ID and then tap on the ‘Redeem Gift card or code’ option.

Once you are done, tap the ‘use camera’ option, and then follow the prompts that you will see on your screen. In case you have issues redeeming the card, you can consider clicking the ‘You can also enter your code manually’ option and then follow the prompts that will pop up on your screen. After that, tap the ‘Done’ option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can an Apple gift card be refunded?

It is important to note that Apple gift cards are not redeemable for cash. Even if there is any unused balance, be sure that this is not possible. Therefore, they cannot be refunded or returned for cash. Unless the law demands that users get refunded, there is no way the Apple gift cards can be exchanged or even resold. If your jurisdiction allows for a refund, you should contact Apple support for more details.

How do I know if my Apple gift card has been redeemed?

In case you come across a message saying that your card has been redeemed, chances are that you might have redeemed it a while ago. To determine this, you should first sign out of the iTunes Store or Apple Store on all your Apple devices and then sign back in. By doing so, your Apple ID balance will pop up and thus enable you to know if your card’s balance has been redeemed or not.

Does Apple gift cards expire?

Not really. Unlike other conventional gift cards, these ones have no expiry date. However, there are instances when Apple may change the locations where you may purchase Apple products with this card.

Better still, it can change the locations where you can redeem these cards. If this happens, it will issue a reasonable and appropriate notice on its Apple store gift’s terms and conditions section.

Where can I use an Apple gift card?

If you have an Apple gift card, you are at liberty to use it at any Apple Store near you. Better still, you can use it on the Apple’s website or the Apple Store App. In addition, you can add it to your Apple user account. Finally, you can always redeem this card and use it to pay for subscription services such as Netflix.

Final Word

With the holiday season around the corner, one of the best gifts you can give to your loved ones is an Apple gift card. With this card, they can purchase Apple products and even pay for subscription services such as Netflix. However, your card has to be loaded for them to enjoy the benefits mentioned above. The good news is that you can now check your card’s balance by considering the ideas mentioned above. You do not have to redeeming it for you to check the Apple gift card balance. Check your Apple gift card balance as illustrated above, and you will enjoy more convenience when utilizing the card.

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