How To Transfer Money From Green Dot Card To Bank Account

Green Dot is a registered financial technology and bank holding company that was formulated in 1999 to make modern banking services accessible at ease. This company works under a proprietary technology that makes saving, spending, control, and transfer of money quick and more efficient. This is possible through green dot prepaid cards.

Green dot prepaid card has a number of perks. It allows you to receive paychecks, accept government deposits, and transfer money. Our main concern today is how to use it to transfer money from Green Dot to bank account. The good news is that you can refund your card online and transfer money to bank account through a very easy and instant process. If you are in search of knowledge on how to transfer money from Green Dot to bank account, look no further. This guide is here to explain more about green dot card money transfer to a bank account and other facets around it.

How Easy Is It To Transfer Money From Green Dot Card To Bank Account?

The process of transfer money from Green Dot card to bank account is so easy and instant. Also, no additional charges were incurred to make this transaction. As long as you have the recipient’s bank routing number and account number, the other process is seamless. However, you must be above 18 years of age. Below is a list of money transfer protocols that you should follow or be aware of when you have a green dot prepaid card. 

The process of transfer money from green dot card to bank account

As mentioned earlier, the process of transferring money from Green Dot to bank account is so easy. Note that the entire process is made possible by the automated cleaning house, also known as ACH transfer. This network makes the transfer safe and secure. Below is the process:

  • Sign in to your green dot account
  • Select ‘’bank transfer’’
  • Navigate to ‘’pay bills and people’’
  • Select ‘’pay people’’ followed by ‘’send money’’
  • Add the recipient’s bank routing number, account number, email ID, official names and contact number.
  • Specify the amount to send
  • Click ‘’ continue’’
  • Review your information and send the money.

Alternative Ways Of Transfer Money From Green Dot Card To Bank Account

1. Through PayPal

You can also transfer money from Green Dot to bank account via PayPal. This requires you to link your green dot card to PayPal from moneypak. Thereafter, load money to your green dot moneypak at Walgreens, Walmart CVS, or Rite Aid. Note that the card can accommodate $1100 maximum per load. After loading the cash, you can now fund the money to your PayPal account.

Next, cash out from your PayPal account to your linked bank account. This is how:

  • From your PayPal mobile app/ browser, login to access your account
  • On the homepage, tap ‘’PayPal balance’’
  • Scroll to the bottom of your screen and tap ‘’transfer’’ followed by ‘’transfer money’’
  •  Select your confirmed bank account and tap ‘’next’’
  • Enter the amount to transfer and confirm to complete your transaction

2. Through cash app

You can also transfer money from Green Dot to bank account through cash app at ease. This requires you to first send money from Green Dot to Cash App through the black unlimited green dot card. Later, transfer the money from Cash App to bank account. To transfer from Green Dot to cash, follow the following procedure:

  • From your smartphone, open your cash app
  • Navigate through to ‘’ linked accounts’ and add your green dot special card.
  • Tap ‘’add cash’’
  • Enter the amount to transfer
  • Enter your pin and the amount will be deposited from your green dot card to cash app.

After the process, you can now cash out from cash app to bank account through the following process:

  • On your cash app, tap ‘’balance’’
  • Next. ‘’cash out’’
  • Chose the amount to cash out and confirm
  • Select your type of deposit whether ‘’standard’’ or ‘’instant’’
  • Enter your pin to confirm the transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get a green dot prepaid card?

To get a green dot prepaid card, you should apply for it. To apply, visit Green Dot’s official website and login to your account. On the main menu, tap ‘’ other product’’ followed by ‘’prepaid cards’’. Share the required information accurately, tap ‘’ confirm’’, and wait to obtain your card.

Is there any eligibility to obtain a green dot card?

Yes. You must be a legal US resident, you must be above 18 years. Finally, you should have a social security number.

Is it a green dot card worth it?

Yes. Green Dot card has a number of advantages that make it worth it. First, it allows you to make bank transfers easily as long as your bank account is in America. Secondly, you can load your card from another bank account easily through friends or family. The card allows you to pay online bills at zero cost. Anyone can get a card even with bad credit. Finally, the card allows you to make an overdraft at zero cost.

Are there any green dot card drawbacks?

Yes. The first shortcoming is that Green Dot card does not improve your credit history. The card also has expensive paper checks, incurs extra fee if the balance is $0 or less. Finally, it does not own any ATM network thus incurs ATM withdrawal charges.

Can I send money from green dot to a bank account outside US?

No. the process of sending money from Green Dot to bank account is easy and fast. However, the process is limited to bank accounts within US. Therefore, it’s not possible to send money outside US.

After a second thought, can I cancel my money transfer from green dot to bank account?

The answer here can be both yes or no. This is because you can cancel a transaction on condition that it is ‘’unclaimed’’. The process is so easy. To cancel, visit, navigate to ‘’history’’, click ‘’ cancel’’. However, it is not possible to cancel a transaction that has already been claimed.

What happens if I send money from green dot card to the wrong bank account?

Sending money from Green Dot to the wrong bank account should be avoided by reviewing the recipient’s information to be accurate. However, in case you accidentally send money wrongly, cancel the transaction immediately through the process explained in the above FAQ. Unfortunately, if the wrong bank holder has already claimed the money, you can’t retrieve it.

Final Verdict

It’s fortunate to know that you don’t have to make trips and ques to the bank to send and withdraw money. This is made possible through prepaid cards such as Green Dot prepaid cards. With this card, you can transfer money to your bank account or your friend’s account fast and instant. Follow the above-mentioned procedures and transfer money seamlessly.

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