How to Transfer Money From Netspend to Cash App

How to transfer money from netspend to cash app

Cash app is a P2P money Transfer platform that facilitates sharing money with colleagues,
friends or relatives that are also cash app users. Developed by Square, cash app is among the
most trusted online payment company in the US. It uses a smartphone app that is easy, versatile
and consumer friendly. From the app, you don’t only transfer money but also receive from other
cash app users instantly. Besides, you can pay bills and withdraw cash from compatible ATMs.

Netspend on the other hand, is a Bancorp Bank, NA, MetaBank, Republic Bank & Trust
company registered agent that uses prepaid cards to transfer money to other accounts. These
cards are ideal for users with no bank accounts but need a financial service to do some
transactions. The company has a smartphone app or online site to manage your card and conduct
transactions. To refill your card, you can accept funds from other users or make direct deposit
through the app. From the app, you can buy services and products online, transfer funds and pay
bills with ease. Besides, you can send money to other platforms like PayPal and cash app. Have
you been on the look on how to transfer money from netspend to cash app? Your search comes
to an end here. Although there is no direct way of transferring money from netspend to cash app,
there are other effective alternatives to conduct the transaction. In this article, we have uncovered
all the facts on how to transfer money from netspend to cash app and other related ideas.

How to Transfer Money From Netspend to Cash App

Before we discuss ways on how to transfer money from netspend to cash app, there some
important points to understand. First of all, netspend is not a bank. In reality, netspend just offers
prepaid cards. Secondly, it’s important to know that cash app does not allow use of prepaid cards
except government enabled cards. Therefore, it’s not possible to directly transfer money from
netspend to cash app as a prepaid card.

However, all is not lost because there are other effective alternatives. Since netspend and cash
app are compatible, you can successfully transfer money from netspend to cash app by linking
netspend as a bank instead of a prepaid card. The best part is that the transfer is instant with its
services available all through. To transfer money from netspend to cash app, you should first link
your netspend account to cash app through a very easy process. To begin:

  • Take your smartphone, install and open the cash app app
  • Click to open an icon that appears on the screen’s bottom left.
  • Next, you will open a page that directs you to click “add bank”. Here, you should add
    your netspend as a bank.
  • Here, a series of instructions will appear prompting you to provide your bank
    information. Enter your netspend account and rooting numbers, preview your information
    and link your netspend account to cash app.

After a successful linking, netspend card account can then use cash app balance to do a number
of transactions.

Transferring Funds From Netspend to Cash App Through Paypal

Since there is no direct way to transfer funds from netspend to cash app, you can use PayPal as a
bridge. However, you will need a bank account to complete the transfer. Also, you need to link
your netspend account to PayPal. Note that the process of transferring funds from netspend to
cash app through PayPal is a lengthy and needs patience. Below is a detailed process on how to
transfer funds from netspend to cash app through PayPal:

1. Link netspend with PayPal.

  • If you don’t have a PayPal account, search to create an account.
  • Enter your email, password and login to access your account.
  • On “profile” click “update bank account” followed by “add bank”
  • Here, you should provide your netspend account and routing number. Your netspend
    routing is a nine digit number while account number ranges from 3 to 17 digits.
  • After, click “submit” and wait for response.
  • After one to two days, you will receive small deposit in your netspend account from
    PayPal to verify your account.
  • Go back to PayPal and verify your account by entering the small deposit amount sent to
    you by PayPal.
  • Click “continue” to finalize the linking.

2. Transfer money from netspend to PayPal.

After a successful linking, you can now transfer funds from the linked net spend account to
PayPal. Here is the process:

  • Log back to your PayPal account and click “wallet”
  • Tap on ”transfer money”
  • Select “add money online”
  • Select netspend as your bank and enter the amount to transfer
  • Transfer the funds and wait up to three business days for them to reflect to your PayPal

3. Transfer money from PayPal to bank account

This step entails transferring your netspend money from PayPal to bank account. Here, you
should first link your bank account to PayPal and transfer your funds through the following
simple process:

  • Visit your PayPal account
  • Click on “balance”
  • Click “transfer money”
  • Choose “transfer to bank account”
  • Select your bank and enter the amount to transfer.
  • Preview your information and transfer your funds.

4. Transfer funds from bank account to cash app

After transferring your funds, it might take up to 5 business days to enter your bank account.
Once your funds have reflected in the account, go ahead and transfer to cash app. The very first
process is to ensure your bank account is linked to cash app. After, transfer your funds through
the following process:

  • Visit your cash app and tap “ banking”
  • Select “add cash”
  • Enter the amount to add and tap “add”
  • Using your PIN or touch ID, confirm your transfer from bank account to cash app.

How Do You Transfer Money From a Cash App to Bank Account

1. Ensure your app has funds

To transfer money from cash app to bank account or anywhere else, you must have funds in the
app. If your app has zero cash, you can easily receive funds directly from friends or load some
money to your account.

2. Open your cash app

Once you have funds to transfer, open your cash app in your smartphone and navigate to the
bottom left corner. Here, you will find “banking” icon with a symbol of a bank or house. Tap
the icon and proceed to the next step.

3. Cash out

After tapping the “banking” tab, your cash balance will show at the top of the screen. Just
beneath the cash balance, you will see two options: “add cash” and “cash out”. Select “cash
out” and proceed with the process.

4. Select amount

Next, your full amount balance will pop up on the screen. Using the touchscreen provided, select
the amount you want to transfer to bank account.

5. Select transfer method

After entering your amount to transfer, tap on “cash out” and select your transfer method. Here,
you will see two options, “instant” and “standard”. If you select standard, your transfer will
take up to three business days to reflect to your account. On the contrary, “instant” will transfer
your money immediately but with a fee.

How to Send Money From Cash App to Netspend

As stated, netspend doesn’t work with cash app directly. However, you can link netspend to cash
app as a bank account instead of the prepaid card it is. Now that you are already aware on how to
link netspend to cash app as a bank, the process of sending money from cash app to netsend is so
effortless. Here is how:

  • Open your cash app and tap “balance” on the home screen
  • Tap “cash out” and select your preferred transferred method, either “instant” or
    “standard”. If you selected instant, you will receive funds to your nestpend account
  • Enter the amount to transfer and tap “cash out” to transfer your money.
  • If you selected instant, you will receive funds to your account immediately

When Transferring Money With a Netspend Card, What Should You Keep in Mind

When transferring money using a netspend card, you should have in mind that the process can be
free or incur some cost depending on your transfer method. If you use a standard transfer
method, the process has no additional cost. However, if you select instant transfer, you will incur
an additional cost of 1.5%.

Why Do I Need a Netspend Prepaid Debit Card

Whereas you have a grasp on how to use netspend to transfer money, time is ripe to know some
of the benefits to enjoy with netspend. Some of these benefits are:

1. Referral program bonus

You might need a netspend prepaid debit card to get the privilege of enjoying fair referral bonus
to the program. Although the card doesn’t give a sign up or welcome bonus, you get a chance to
enjoy $20 bonus on any friend or relative that you refer. However, the referent must top up at
least $30.

2. Reward opportunities

With netspend prepaid debit card, you get a chance to enjoy the “payback” reward that allows you to get cashback to your account end month. This is a personalized opportunity to get cash back from your preferred retailers.

3. Online money management

Netspend prepaid debit card makes it easy and affable to pay bills online, receive and transfer
funds to family and friends. This is through money management tools that are available in your
virtual account.

4. High APY savings account

Netspend prepaid card also gives users a chance to open a savings account with high APY. In
fact, you get to enjoy an annual percentage yields of 5% on the very first $1000 deposit you
made in your savings account.

5. Optional overdraft protection

With netspend prepaid card, you get an overdraft protection or penalty on overdraft made from
your account. Hoverer, you must be an active customer who receives at least $200 monthly
through direct deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need my flash ID to transfer money to cash app?

No. Although a netspend service, flash pay ID allows users to transfer funds to and from their
prepaid accounts. Therefore, this service is not necessary when transferring money to cash app.

Does netspend have fees for money transfers?

If you transfer money with netspend as a prepaid card, there will be no fees. However, there is a
possibility that the bank or recipient company might add a service fee. It’s therefore wise to call
them and inquire. Also, if you choose to transfer money from netspend through the help of
customer care, you will be charged $4.95 per every transaction.

Can you add netspend prepaid debit visa to cash app?

Cash app supports linked bank accounts, debit or credit cards that are backed by American
express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa. Therefore, you ca easily link netspend prepaid debit card
visa to cash app.

Can you get money off netspend cards without a card?

Yes. You can get money off netspend without a card by transferring your netspend money to
online payment plans like payoneer and PayPal. You can also get money off netspend without a
card through FlashPay. This is a netspend service that was initiated to help users transfer money
without necessary having a debit or credit card.

Can you withdraw a netspend account with Zelle and Venmo

Netspend, Zelle and Venmo are compatible. Therefore, you can withdraw netspend fund from
zelle and venom. To withdraw, submit your netspend details on venom or zelle account and
withdraw your funds.

Does netspend accept wire transfers?

Gone are the days where traditional bank accounts were the only platform that allowed wire
transfer. In this modern era, you can use wire transfers to send or receive funds through online
platforms like netspend. Therefore, netspend accepts wire transfers.

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