Venmo Transaction Declined Please Try Again In A Short While

It’s not unusual to get an error message while transferring funds between Venmo and the bank account. If there is anything wrong with the terms and conditions of Venmo, you might receive an error message in the app that does not include specific instructions. There are several reasons why your payment may be declined. Venmo can declined a transaction if your bank or credit card company declines it or if one of the automated security flags in Venmo has been raised. You have nothing to worry about If you’re facing the same problem. I hope this article will help you to resolve the Venmo transaction declined issue.  

Why Does Venmo Declined Transactions?

When you get an error message on Venmo, that means your payment was declined. There are lots of reasons why your payment was declined. You can read all the possible reasons behind your Venmo transaction declining below. 

Insufficient Fund

That’s a common reason Venmo says there’s a problem with your payment and try again later. If you make payments without checking the account balance, you might miss the transaction because the account doesn’t have enough money.

Transaction Terms

When you’re making international transactions, Venmo can decline it. This can be because you’re using a debit card. The majority of the time, Venmo international transactions do not work. 

ACH Transaction limit

Automated Clearing House (ACH) regulation is another reason Venmo declined your transaction. ACH is an electronic way to do your financial transactions. When you exceed the ACH limit, the transaction won’t go through.

Card misusage

Venmo won’t let you pay if your card or bank account is blocked. Banks and card companies may reject transactions during peak hours or when servers are overloaded.

Using an expired or damaged debit card can also cause Venmo to say something’s wrong. You may also have entered the wrong number or card expiration date.

Exceeded Maximum Weekly-Spending

Venmo has a spending limit which, if you exceed, you will not be able to make further purchases. There’s a weekly rolling limit of $4,999.99 for all transactions combined but $2,999.99 for sending funds.

Venmo server or technical issues

Venmo server issues are the most common reason for the error message. Sometimes the bank networks stop working due to maintenance, preventing online banking and mobile payment apps from working.

Occasionally, the Venmo application goes down for maintenance, and since the same network is down, your online banking and mobile payment apps are down.

Incorrect Phone Settings

The most common problem is when the settings of the device change. Venmo won’t work if you pick the wrong settings on the device. A problem with the phone’s date and time is also the cause of the declination.

What To Do If Venmo Says The Transaction Declined, Please Try Again In A Short While?

There are a bunch of reasons behind Venmo’s transaction declination, so the solution depends on a few things too. You can take several troubleshooting steps to fix the problem. But you should specify a few things before going to the next level. You never know; maybe Venmo works after you fix those common issues. First, make sure you have enough money in your bank account. When it comes to your wallet card, you’ll need to activate your Venmo Debit Mastercard. If nothing changes, there are a few things you can do to fix your transactions on Venmo.

Check Your Internet Connection

It’s essential to check your internet connection. Be sure you haven’t used up all your cellular data and check out the network coverage in your area.

Try after a while

Maybe there are some technical issues with your Venmo transaction. If so, keep trying every 10-15 minutes. It might work the second or third time if it was a temporary problem.

Log Out and Retry

If you can’t make the payment, you can close the app, log out, and try again. Users have been using this trick to fix Venmo issues and got successful transactions. 

Reboot Your Phone

Alternatively, you can fix this problem by rebooting your phone, turning on your cellular data, and trying again. This happened because the phone was faulty, so it’s gone.

Use the updated Venmo app.

If you don’t have the latest version of the Venmo app, your Venmo transaction might decline. If you update the Venmo app, you’ll ensure there are no bugs or issues that will cause the payment to be declined. Just close the app after you’ve updated it, remove it from the recent apps, open it again, and try completing your transaction.

Another thing Venmo support recommends is that you uninstall the Venmo app and re-install it. Don’t worry; it won’t affect your Venmo account at all. It also makes sure you’re using the most up-to-date version.

Clear Venmo app cache from your smartphone

Another thing you can do is clear the Venmo app’s cache. The cache is the temporary data that our devices store, so they run the apps and services we use. The problem with this data is that it can kill spaces, and instead of being helpful, it can cause issues.

Deactivate your VPN

Please disable your VPN (Virtual Private Network) if it is active on the phone and complete your Venmo payment. Using a VPN hides your identity & location. However, some services, like payment and banking, require your location. So, if you turn off your VPN, you might be able to complete the Venmo transaction now.

Check server status

Two servers are working here, your bank and Venmo. Try checking the server status of Venmo on “”. You can try completing the payment when the Venmo server is back up. If you find your Venmo server is okay, your bank might be. Like that, check your bank’s server status, and if they’re down or having issues, wait until they’re fixed before you pay.

Try another bank account or card                                                                     

If your credit card company or bank account funded your Venmo payment and their servers are down, use another bank account or card which is work with Venmo

Contact Support

If you have tried everything mentioned above, you’ll need to check with your bank to see if the Venmo transaction was declined. Find out why the transaction was declined from the bank side, and ask them what you can do to fix it. And if you’ve tried everything and your bank has also said it’s not their fault, the last step is to contact Venmo support. You can contact Venmo support at (855) 812-4430 (M–F, 10:00 am–6:00 pm ET)

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