How Can You Do Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer Online?

When it comes to online money transfers, there are many platforms that can help you get started. From PayPal to Cash App, there is a plethora of platforms that you can consider out there. Besides these renowned platforms, you can also transfer money online at chain stores such as Walmart. Apart from allowing its customers to purchase electronics and household products, Walmart allows its customers to transfer money online. To put it into perspective, this chain store offers both international and domestic money transfer services. Typically, these services are powered by MoneyGram and Ria respectively. The good news is that there is a myriad of money transfer options that are available at this store. Here, you will have the luxury to transfer money in the USA and in more than 200 countries worldwide. In this article, we shall take a closer look at how you can do Walmart to Walmart money transfer online, alongside other vital facets.

What Is Walmart?

Before we delve into how you can perform a Walmart to Walmart money transfer online, there is a need for us to take a closer look at this store so that you can know more about it. To start with, Walmart is a multinational retail company that is based in America and operates a number of discount department stores, grocery stores and hypermarkets.

It is imperative to note that this company is based in Bentonville, Arkansas. Since its inception, this company has been one of the most profitable companies in the US. Although this company used to operate within the US, it has now spread its tentacles and now operates in other countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and China.

However, it is yet to gain traction in countries such as South Korea, Germany and Japan. This can attributed to the fact that there are other mushrooming chain stores in those counties and thus, the competition is bound to be stiff.

As far as its merchandise is concerned, it is important to note that this company sells products such as garden supplies, furniture, electronics, pet supplies, beauty products, groceries, jewelry, movies, sporting and fitness equipment, among other items. This company has over 11500 stores all over the world, with more than 6000 stores in over 26 countries outside the United States of America.

What Is Walmart Money?

Also known as the Walmart MoneyCenter, this basically refers to an in-store and online alternative to a bank where you can send money to your peers and so forth. Typically, these cash services can be enjoyed at the designated stores nationwide.

Besides performing these transactions, you will be able to find credit cards and prepaid debit cards here. With these cards in place, you will be able to make purchases online and at brick-and-mortar stores that allow card payments.

Before you visit any Walmart MoneyCenter neat you, there is a need for you to know its working hours. In most cases, these centers are opened at 8.00 AM and close at 8.00 P.M, from Monday to Saturday. However, if you want to visit these centers on Sunday, consider visiting them from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. To establish the nearest Walmart Store near you, follow these steps:

  • Visit and then click on the 3 lines you will find on the top left side of your screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Local Store’ and ‘Store Finder’ option
  • Tap on the ZIP code section and then key in your ZIP code
  • Choose the ‘Update location’ option
  • Click on the ‘Details’ option to know the finer details about the store’s operating hours.
  • Once you know your preferred store’s operating hours, you can now call the number you will find on your screen to know more about those hours, among other finer details.

What Are The Services That One Can Enjoy At A Walmart Moneycenter?

Once you visit the Walmart MoneyCenter near you, be sure that you will enjoy an array of services. Some of those services include:

  • Cash checking
  • Bluebird Prepaid debit card
  • GoBank Mobile checking account
  • Tax prep services
  • Reloaded debit card
  • Walmart MoneyCard
  • Paying bills
  • Capital One Walmart rewards card
  • MoneyGram money transfers
  • Walmart2Walmart money transfers
  • Walmart2World money transfers

Is It Possible To Make Online Money Transfer At Walmart?

Yes. Like we previously mentioned, it is now possible to transfer money at Walmart MoneyCenters nationwide. Typically, you will be able to make two kinds of money transfers here. These include:

  • Walmart2Walmart money transfers(Powered by Ria)
  • Walmart to World (Powered by MoneyGram)

In the subsequent sections, we shall take a closer look at how you can transfer money using Walmart to Walmart money transfers.

Walmart2Walmart Money Transfers Process

Simply put, this is Walmart’s money transfer service that allows customers to send money within the US territories. It is important to note that this transfer is usually powered by Ria. Typically, Ria is an online money transfer company that offers low-cost currency exchange services in 140 countries all over the world.

Since this company has many agents and affiliates, customers are able to enjoy this services on the go. If you want to make the above-mentioned transaction, you just need to ensure that you have the right documents. Besides this, ensure that you are 18 years and above. With these parameters in place, follow this procedure in order to get started:

  • Visit the Walmart store near you.
  • Once you get there, try and access the customer service desk. Better still, you can look around and see if you will get a MoneyCenter near you. The good news is that you will find a store agent who can help you find any of them
  • The agent that you will find there will ask you to submit a couple of documents, such as your military ID, tribal card, driver’s ID, residency card among other details. All these details are meant for identity verification purposes.
  • Provide the amount you want to transfer alongside the associated fees. If you have a credit or debit card, you can readily use it for this transaction. Better still, if you have liquid cash, you can present it and be able to complete the transaction.
  • Once you complete the transaction, be sure that the money will be available at the recipient’s location within a period of 10 minutes.

You can also make the above-mentioned transactions using the Walmart’s mobile app. With this app in place, you will enjoy more convenience as you will not have to queue at the store for long hours. The good news is that you can now download this app for your iPhone and Android devices. Here are the steps on how to get started:

  • First and foremost, download and install the Walmart app on your mobile device
  • Launch this app and then create an account on it.
  • With your details in place, log in to your account online.
  • Thereafter, go to the ‘Send Money Services’ section.
  • Select the ‘Send’ option
  • Fill in all the necessary details and then ensure that all the details are right.
  • Once you are done, you can now visit the nearest Walmart store and then complete the pending transaction at the Express lane of the Money Services Center. Better still, you can do so at the Customer Service desk.
  • Scan the QR code at the register and you will have completed the transaction.

Steps To Receive Walmart To Walmart Money Transfer

If you are the recipient on the other end, be sure that you will be able to receive the money after a couple of minutes. However, for you to receive the money, you need to visit the nearest Walmart MoneyCenter near you and then do the following:

  • With the transaction reference number at hand, try and access the MoneyCenter and handover this detail to the person you will find at the customer service desk.
  • Submit your ID or verify you identity using a PIN or security question.
  • Once you submit these details, be sure that you will be able to access your money.

Since these transfers take about 10 minutes, you can trust that you will enjoy unmatched convenience as they are fast. In case you fail to visit the MoneyCenter in good time, the funds that have been transferred can be held by Walmart for 2 months. Thereafter, they will be sent to the sender using the same payment method.

How Can I Track Walmart To Walmart Money Transfers?

As we speak, you can now track Walmart to Walmart money transfers using the reference number that you will be given during the transaction process. Better still, you can visit the website of the company and then click the ‘Track a transfer’ section.

Here you will be required to key in the last name as well as the reference number so that you can track the transaction you have made. In case you experience issues with money transfers, feel free to contact RIA’s customer helpline at 1-855-355-2144.

How Much Will I Be Charged For Walmart To Walmart Money Transfers?

The amount that you are likely to incur for this transaction varies. Typically, it relies on the amount you want to transfer via the MoneyCenter. For instance, any amount that is up to $50, brace yourself to incur a $4 fee. If you want to transact from $51 to $1000, be sure that you will incur an $8 fee. Finally, if you want to send amounts ranging from $1001 to $2500, be ready to pay a transaction fee of $16.

Does Walmart To Walmart Money Transfers Have Transfer Limits?

Yes. There is a set limit towards the amount you can send whenever you are in a particular region. For instance if you are in Arizona, the maximum amount you can send is $499. However, if you are in the other parts of the US, be sure that you will be at liberty to send amounts of up to $2500.

Essential Walmart Tips That Can Help You Secure Your Money

Losing your hard-earned money is the last thing that you would ever wish to experience. However, these cases have always been in rise. Moreso, whenever you are sending money, chances of losing your money are very high. Regardless of the platform you choose to use, the risk is always imminent. However, you can avert such risks by considering the following ideas:

  • Avoid sending money to strangers. If you have to send money to someone whom you are not used to, try to know them first and then initiate the money transfer process later.
  • Do not send money so that you can get favors such as to get a job, lotteries, IRS and so forth. This is because some of them are scams and can be conduits of fraud.
  • Do not send money before you hear the whole story. If possible, try to call the person whom you are about to send money to, so that you can be assured that he or she is well and is about to receive the money.
  • Avoid deals that look too good to be true.
  • When sharing transaction details, ensure that you share the transaction reference number only. Other personal details should be confidential all the time.

Since fraudsters tend to play mind games with less suspecting people, always be keen whenever you are performing a Walmart to Walmart money transfer. If possible, use the tips we have outlined above and you will not lose your money.

Final Words

It is true to say that you can now send money to your friend or family member through Walmart to Walmart money transfer. All you need to do is to follow the above-mentioned procedure and ideas and you will be good to go. More importantly, have the details of the recipient so as to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences. As we speak, you can perform this process either using the Walmart mobile app or at the Walmart MoneyCenter. Depending on what is convenient for you, choose one method and you will be good to go.

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