What Apartments In Houston Accept Evictions And Broken Leases?

If you have ever rented a home or an apartment, the last thing you would wish to experience is an eviction. This is because this process is usually embarrassing, inconveniencing, and can be expensive. In most cases, an eviction starts with a legal process. If the landlord wins the case, you will be evicted as per the court orders.

Besides eviction, tenants usually face the challenge of breaking lease agreements from time to time. There are many reasons that might lead to eviction and breach of the lease agreement. Since life must continue, you need to know which apartment accepts evictions and broken leases. After all, you still need to go to work, shelter your family, and so forth. If you live in Houston, there are some apartments that accept tenants facing these challenges. In this article, we are here to let you know what apartments in Houston accept evictions and broken leases. However, let’s first understand what an eviction and broken lease is.

What is an eviction?

Once a tenant chooses to rent an apartment, he or she is expected to pay the rent on a monthly basis. However, due to one reason or another, the tenant may fail to obey this obligation. Although some landlords are lenient, some are tough and can make you leave their apartments in the second month in case you have not yet paid your rent. This is what we call an eviction. During an eviction, the landlord will send you a notice to leave his property failure to which action will be taken against you.

Besides the failure to pay rent, a landlord may evict a tenant if he or she violates the terms indicated on the lease contract. Other offenses related to tenancy may also make the landlord evict a tenant from his apartment.

What is a broken lease?

Simply put, a broken lease refers to a situation where the tenant fails to fulfill the terms indicated in the lease agreement. In most cases, this happens when the renter or tenant moves out of the apartment ahead of time. Better still, if you fail to submit a notice to vacate, you are deemed to have broken a lease.

Other terms that are used to refer to a broken lease include early move-out, property debt, remaining balance, and property collections. In most cases, a broken lease can have an adverse effect on your ability to rent an apartment in the near future. This is because amounts owned to apartments will reflect on your credit report.

As a result, victims of such circumstances usually have limited options on how they can find apartments to rent. This is because they may not be approved for another apartment any time soon until they clear the pending dues. Luckily, second chance apartments are lifesavers for such individuals.

How Can I Find Apartments In Houston That Accept Evictions And Broken Leases?

If you have been evicted or broken a lease agreement, there is still a second chance for you. The good news is that there are some second chance apartments that such individuals can rent and carry on with their lives. Below we have a list of these apartments in Houston.

1. Apartment Gorilla

Whether you have been evicted or broken a lease, you will be able to get a second chance apartment through Apartment Gorilla. The staff that works in this company knows the various Houston Apartment communities that accept tenants who have previously been evicted or broken leases.

Since most of these communities hardly advertise that they want such individuals to rent their properties, you can contact Apartment Gorilla customer care support and get helped.

Unlike other companies, this one can also help you if you are facing challenges such as:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure
  • Short sale
  • Open Bankruptcy

Since this company works hand-in-hand with everyone from the managing companies to the leasing agents, be sure that you will not miss a second chance apartment in Houston. For more information, you can visit their site.

2. Creative Realty Apartment locators

At Creative Reality Apartment locators, you will also find a plethora of second chance apartments. Therefore, you can consider them if you have been evicted or broken a lease.

Although you may not necessarily be accepted, you will have a chance to choose an apartment that suits your needs and then try your luck. Remember that each apartment community that you see usually has its own criteria for accepting tenants who have been evicted or broken a lease.

In case you have a broken lease, you may be required to pay a larger deposit. To put this into perspective, you need to pay a deposit that is equivalent to one month’s rent. Better still, you might be asked to pay at least 2 times the normal deposit. High-risk apartments usually have such conditions so as to minimize risks involved with breaking a lease in the near future.

Although some properties may accept more than one broken lease, you need to pay the debt of the previous landlord first before being allowed to rent any of these apartments. Finally, if you have a $0 balance, your chances of being approved will be high.

3. A.S.A.P Apartment Specialist

If you are looking for a second chance apartment in Houston, ASAP Apartment Specialist is the ultimate solution for you. The professionals who work here are more conversant with apartments that accept tenants who have broken leases or have been evicted in the past.

Unlike other companies, you will also get $25-$100 cash for using their service. However, you need to bring along a referral for you to get this free gift. Besides broken leases and eviction, the company also helps tenants with bad credit, no provable income, and those with a criminal background. For more information, you can contact them on (281)876-2727.

4. Done Deal Consign

This is another apartment locator that can help you get a second chance apartment in Houston. Whether you have evictions or broken leases, be sure that you will get an apartment that suits your needs. However, there are some conditions that you should fulfill. They include:

  • Ensure that you have an income that will enable you pay your rent comfortably
  • You should have 2 rental issues or less.
  • Ensure that you pass the apartment criminal background checks.
  • You need to be honest, transparent, and responsive any time you are called or sent an email.

To learn more about this company, you can contact them on 713.992.3000.

Vital Tips For Renting After Eviction And Broken Leases

As you purpose to rent again after eviction and broken leases, there is a need for you to know some of the best tips that will put you ahead of the game. These tips include:

1. Talk to your previous landlord

The landlord who evicted you may be willing to erase the eviction as long as you pay the money that you owe him or her. Also, if there are any disputes that you had in your previous apartment, settle them on the go. As long as you are on good terms, the landlord may provide a more convincing recommendation to your new landlord. By doing so, you will get fast approval.

2. Consider using apartment locators

Some of the apartment locators, such as the ones we have mentioned above, know those landlords who accept tenants with broken leases and evictions. Since they work directly with them, be sure that you will get an apartment that suits your needs.

3. Look for landlords who do not do background checks

Apart from using apartment locators, you can choose to search on your own and see if you will come across a landlord that does not do any form of background checks. You can even ask for recommendations from friends and relatives. As long as you have proof of employment or income, a larger deposit, or a huge monthly payment, be sure that you will get an apartment that will suit you.

4. Be honest

When looking for a second chance apartment, you should be honest with your new landlord. If you were evicted or have a broken lease, be open to him and let him know the reason that led to such unfortunate incidences. If your new landlord is considerate, he may hear you out and allow you to rent one of his apartments.

5. Get reliable referees

If you have a good team of referees, be sure that your chances of getting a second chance apartment will be high. From your previous landlord to past employees or business colleagues, there are many people who can act as reliable referees. They can significantly demonstrate that you are indeed a trustworthy and responsible person.

Final Words

It is normal to get evicted or to break a lease. However, this should not stop you from getting another apartment where you can live comfortably with your family. If you reside in Houston, the companies mentioned above can help you get an apartment that accepts evictions and broken leases. Besides this, the tips mentioned above can help you get an apartment after you have been evicted or broken a lease. Consider them today, and you will enjoy more convenience.

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