Can I Load A Moneypak To A Cash App Card

Since the inception of Cash App, making transactions has become easier than ever. As we speak, you do not need to rely on the traditional paper work in order to make purchases, pay bills and so forth. With the Cash App on your mobile device you are good to go. However, your Cash App account needs to be funded so that you can make the above-mentioned transactions seamlessly. From adding funds from your linked bank account to making deposits at the partner stores, there is an array of methods that can help you get started. However, most Cash App users usually ask whether they can load a Moneypak to a cash App card. The reality of issues is that this is practically possible. In this article we shall outline how you can load Moneypak to a cash app card, and other related facets.

Is It Possible To Load A Moneypak To A Cash App Card?

Yes. If you are looking for a way to add funds to your Cash App card without a bank account, consider purchasing a Green Dot MoneyPak card and then load it with cash and finally link it to your Cash App account. Thereafter, you will be able to move funds to your Cash App account seamlessly. To put this into perspective, you should only use the Green Dot MoneyPak card as other prepaid debit cards do not readily work with Cash App.

Steps To Load Cash App Card Using Green Dot Moneypak

Since we have established that you can now go ahead and load your Cash App from the Green Dot MoneyPak card, time is ripe for you know how one can get started. Here are the steps that you should follow:

1. Look out for a store that deals with Green Dot MoneyPak cards

As we speak, there are over 70000 retailers that sells Green Dot MoneyPaks nationwide. Some of these stores include Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, 7-Eleven, among others. With the proliferation of these stores nationwide, you will not miss one that is close to you where you can visit and load your Green Dot MoneyPak card with some cash.

2. Visit the nearest retail store that deals with Green Dot MoneyPak cards

Once you have found the nearest partner store near you, walk in there with your cash and card at hand.

3. Give the cashier the cash and the card so that he can load it for you

Upon reaching the store, you will find several cashiers ready to serve you. Here, you will be required to handover your cash to the cashier. At the retail store, you will be able to load between $20 and $500. Besides this, you will incur a certain transaction fee as adding funds to your card is not free per se. Typically, you should brace yourself to incur $5.95 as the transaction fee.

4. Link the Green Dot MoneyPak card with your Cash App account

Once money has been loaded on your card, the next step is to set up a free account with Green Dot. This process does not need to be repeated as you only need to do it once and you are good to go. Once money is available on your Green Dot MoneyPak card, you can now link it with your Cash App account.

Thankfully, the process of linking these two is generally easy and straightforward. All you need to do is to launch your Cash App and then long in with your details. Thereafter, click on the ‘Banking tab’ option that you will see on your screen.

Key in your PIN and other relevant information regarding your Green Dot card and you will be good to go. After linking these two successfully, you will be able to move funds from the Green MoneyPak to your Cash App card with ease.

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Is There A Way You Can Physically Add Cash To Your Cash App Card Free Of Charge?

Not really. As we speak, there is no way that you can achieve this objective. Perhaps the only way that can work magic for you is to look out for a friend whom you trust and then give him or her your funds and have him or her transfer them to your Cash App account. By doing so, you will be adding funds to your Cash App account indirectly. Thankfully, you may not essentially incur any extra charges.

What If You Are Having Problems Loading Money On To Your Cash App Debit Card, What Should You Do?

It is normal to experience hiccups anytime you try to credit or fund your Cash App debit card. However, if this happens, you should not hesitate to reach out to the Cash App customer support team on 1-800-969-1940 and narrate your story in detail. You will get the much-needed guidance and thus enjoy more convenience.

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