How To Check Netspend Card Balance (Best Guideline)

Netspend has over 10 million users in the United States, and they see it as a useful prepaid card option. Having a Prepaid Card account is great because you can only spend the money you’ve loaded on the card, but it’s wise to know your balance before you buy something. Tracking your Netspend balance lets you know how much money you have available, and then you can calculate your spending options. Using your Netspend card won’t work if your available balance isn’t enough to make a purchase or pay the bills.

But there are multiple ways to check your balance to avoid being rejected while you are in the queue of a retail store. When you can check your Netspend balance without waiting until your card is declined, why wait until your card is declined before reloading your Netspend card? So that’s why this article showed you how to check your Netspend balance, along with some other frequently asked questions.

5 Best way for check Netspend card balance

To avoid being rejected or embarrassed at your point of purchase, you can check your Netspend balance in several ways. Netspend Check balance is available through text, mobile app, calls, website, ATM, etc. Here’s everything you need to know about how to check your Netspend balance.

1. You can check your Netspend balance anytime with Anytime Alerts

The Netspend Anytime Alerts feature is awesome. It tells users when their balance exceeds a certain amount. You’ll know how much you’ve spent at the grocery store or when your card balance gets low with Anytime Alerts. If you don’t want them, you can always turn them off. With Alerts, you can set it up for a specific date and time or make it recurring every day, week, month or every three months.

With this Netspend feature, you can always check your balance. It’s a real-time view of your account info, including your card balance. In addition, you’ll be able to see everything you’ve done, such as purchases, ATM withdrawals, automatic payments, budget notifications, deposits, and withdrawals.

To activate the Anytime Alerts and get the update of your Netspend card balance regularly, text “BAL” and send it to 22622. The majority of mobile carriers, including Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and US Cellular, do support Netspend Anytime Alerts.

2. Check your Netspend card balance at an ATM

ATMs are the last way to check Netspend Balance that I will discuss. In case you didn’t know the ATM could be used for that, let me tell you. Netspend takes both Mastercard and Visa. These cards work anywhere, whereas Mastercard and Visa cards can work in stores. Various ATMs across the country support Netspend, so you can check your balance there as well. There are some ATMs; however, they won’t let you check Netspend balances. Netspend has partnered with some banks, and ATMs from these banks are the only ones that can be used.

Then just go to any ATM of the participating banks, insert your Netspend prepaid card, and follow the instructions on the screen until your balance shows up.

There are participating ATMs all over the country. Several Netspend partners have ATMs or reload locations, including Republic Bank & Trust, MetaBank, Axos Bank, and The Bancorp Bank. To find the nearest reload location, visit “” to load more funds or checks.

3. Use the Netspend app to check your balance

Let’s look at how Netspend Check Balance works using the Netspend Mobile App. In terms of design and features, Netspend’s mobile app is still pretty dynamic. You can download it from the Google Play Store for Android devices and your App Store for Apple devices. Just a few taps, and you can check your Netspend balance. You can use your fingerprint or your Netspend ID and password to sign in to your account on the Netspend mobile app. You’ll see your Netspend balance in the top right corner of your homepage.

This method was also very easy, but keep reading because the next method is a lot easier.

4. You can check your Netspend balance online

The online account center at “” is another way to check Netspend balance. People who prefer using their computers or laptops for checking Netspend balances will find this option very helpful. As well as being safe, the Netspend online account center is secure from criminals.

Log in to your Netspend account center to check your balance. Your balance will appear once you log in. The details of your deposits and other transactions will also be there.

5. Using the toll-free number

It’s also possible to check your Netspend balance by calling their toll-free number. Sadly, this service isn’t free, and you have to pay a small fee. Just dial the toll-free number 1-866-387-7363, and the Netspend voice prompt will inform you about your available balance.

There’s a $0.50 fee for checking your balance by calling this number.

When you’re in a rush or can’t use Netspend, you can call the number to check the balance. 

Is there a charge for checking my Netspend balance?

I can answer this question in both yes and no, depending on which method you choose to use for the Netspend balance check. Various methods are available, some of which are free and some of which charge a fee. 

There will be a charge when you use the phone call and the ATM methods listed above. Netspend charges $0.50 to check your balance via the toll-free number. Depending on the bank, you may need to pay ATM fees if you decide to use participating ATMs to check your Netspend balance. Netspend won’t charge you anything else for checking your balance besides those charges.

Is it possible to check my Netspend account balance free of charge?

All other methods, except phone calls and ATMs, will let you check your Netspend balance for free. You can check Netspend balance via text (Anytime Alert), mobile app, or website for free.

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