How To Remove Card From Afterpay

Afterpay lets you add your credit card details to pay on the website and saves your card details so you can use them whenever you want. If you’re worried about a security breach, or someone using your device, you may wish to remove your credit card from Afterpay after making your payment.

When you use Afterpay, you can make a payment online by saving the details of your credit card, e-wallet, etc. That way, you can save time. And you can remove those details later. Afterpay lets you unlink your credit card easily. You can remove the credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or bank account you had saved on the site if you know how to use Afterpay. Finding the right option is hard, but I’ll show you how to remove your credit card from Afterpay in this post.

How You Can Remove The Card From Your Afterpay Account 

People use Afterpay to pay their installments on time by linking their credit cards. If you link your card with Afterpay, then you won’t have to worry about the repayment until you have funds on your card. But sometimes, situations arise when you want to remove the card from Afterpay by unlinking it. When users decide to handle things on their own, they stop Afterpay’s automatic payments by unlinking their cards.

You can stop Afterpay from making automatic payments by removing your linked card. The following are detailed instructions on removing a credit card from Afterpay. 

You can do this both on the desktop website and the mobile app. To remove a card from the Afterpay desktop website:

  1. Sign in to your Afterpay account with your username and password.
  2. You can now click on “Account” once you’ve logged in
  3. Choose “Payment” from the drop-down menu. It’s easy to see a list of credit/debit cards you have added.
  4. Delete the card you want to remove by clicking the down arrow.
  5. The system will ask for confirmation. Then click on “Confirm remove” to remove the card from your Afterpay account.

That’s all you need to do to get your credit card off the Afterpay desktop website. By doing this, you’ve removed your previous payment method. It won’t show up on Afterpay anymore.

Using the Afterpay app to remove a card:

  1. Your first step will be to open the Afterpay App on your phone. You can get it for free on Android and iOS. Make sure you have the updated Afterpay app so that you can get the latest features. You just have to log into the app with your account info, and you’re all set.
  2. Tap on “Your Account” and scroll down to “Payments & Billing.”
  3. Next, scroll down and select the credit card you want to delete.
  4. You can get rid of the selected credit card by tapping on the “Remove” option.
  5. You must confirm the removal by tapping on the “Confirm remove” option to delete the card entirely from your Afterpay account.

If your credit card expires or you can’t pay, you can add another payment method. Remember that the payment method is just the credit or debit card you use to pay for Afterpay transactions.

You’ll have to remove all cards connected to your Afterpay account if you have more than one. Afterpay will deduct the installment from the other linked card or account if the preferred card isn’t working. So better take all linked accounts off Afterpay to stop automatic payments. But remember that Afterpay won’t let you remove your card if you have any pending orders or unpaid installments on the card. That’s because Afterpay keeps track of payments and installments of each account. So, you won’t be able to stop Afterpay automatic payments.

How To Change The Afterpay Payment Method

By following these steps, you can add a new payment method or change your credit card details.

  1. Open Afterpay from a web browser or your smartphone. Log in to Your Account.
  2. Next, navigate to the “Payments & Billing” option. 

You’ll see a list of all your previously saved methods when you go to your account.

  • Tap on “Settings,” and you’ll see your default payment.
  • Tap the “Change” option and then “Payment Method.” If you want to add a new card that doesn’t already exist in your account, you’ll do the same thing. 
  • Again, tap on the “Add New Card” and then the “Continue” option.

You can’t remove the preferred card on your account or a card that’s associated with an active order. If you want to get rid of your current ‘preferred card,’ make sure you update your purchases, and then you’ll be able to do it.

You can try again with the same payment method whenever your first transaction fails or choose another one.

What Should I Do If Afterpay Won’t Accept My Card

Afterpay stops accepting cards for several reasons. Almost all of the reasons come from the user’s side. And sometimes, it happens due to technical errors in the Afterpay automated system. Afterpay will then stop accepting the card as a payment method by declining or freezing the account. Try these steps to resume your Afterpay account:

  • Keep sufficient funds on your card 
  • Don’t miss the installments. Pay them on time. 
  • Don’t change your account credentials too often. 
  • Your order volume should be based on the age of your account. If you’re a new customer, don’t order too much. 
  • Consider the number of orders under process. Use your card once you finish your previous orders. 
  • Wait and try later if there is any technical issue, such as server down from Afterpay’s side. 
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