How To Unfreeze Afterpay Account

Afterpay brings financial solutions to its customers with easiness in BNPL (buy now, pay later). Thus, a customer can purchase essential goods and pay the installments with comfort. Besides the tolerable installments and other systems, Afterpay has to imply strict rules and regulations on its platform because of unrestrained purchases. Buy now, pay later doesn’t mean you should consume like go-as-you-please. Additionally, as a regular customer, it’s your responsibility to pay the installments on time. To bring the whole platform into common regulations, Afterpay emphasizes mostly the standard it sets for the betterment of both consumers and merchants. This is all because of the safety and consciousness of the users. The platform sometimes insists on freezing the accounts crossing the barrier. No, I will help you restore your Afterpay account if it’s been frozen and why Afterpay freezes the accounts so that you can keep your account safe for the future. 

What To Know About After The Afterpay Account Is Frozen?

Though Afterpay is a fintech platform, problems and troubles aren’t far from it. If you get frozen from Afterpay, you’ll get a message saying, “Sorry, we can’t approve your order.” It means your account is frozen, and you will not be able to finish the order. The message reflects that Afterpay has decided to freeze your account for some reason. An issue like this has been haunting users for a long time. However, there is a solution. 

Why Afterpay Freezes Your Account & How You Can Unfreeze

Before attempting to unfreeze an Afterpay account, you should find out the reason behind the frozen account. Then you can unfreeze the account systematically. Now let me explain why Afterpay freezes one’s account. 

If you miss installments

Afterpay is known to allow its users to pay the due in several installments. Apart from this, it is also very strict about the installment dates. But some users fail to submit the installments in time. Which is one of the common reasons that Afterpay freezes those accounts. Your Afterpay account would be frozen because you were late with payments on the platform. It’s because Afterpay doesn’t work as a traditional credit card. In other words, even if you miss just one payment, you would have your account frozen immediately.

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If you change your account credentials

Our research on the reasons behind the frozen accounts revealed that people who change their account information find their accounts frozen. We have seen people change their phone numbers, email addresses, or credit card information and eventually face the hassle of frozen accounts. 

New regulations from your Bank or card

Another reason Afterpay accounts are frozen is that users use unsupported cards or bank accounts. It may also happen when the Bank or card you added later changes its terms of service. The updated bank or credit card rules may not support the Afterpay regulations, and your account may be frozen. Afterpay works with most banks and credit cards, but if you have used Capitol One credit, that might be why your account is frozen.

There might be any technical errors

Since the system is run on the server, technical issues might be typical for software or hardware. Your Afterpay account could also be frozen if something’s wrong with the platform or the servers. In that case, you should wait for a while or try again later when the platform comes back up.

Ordering too much

Another reason for account freezing is if you order too much on Afterpay, especially if you’re a new customer. Primarily Afterpay wants to understand the character of the user. Then it allows a specific amount which is essential for a new customer. After proving yourself a reliable and regular user, Afterpay will gradually expand your purchase feature. But if you order too much in the meantime, Afterpay will freeze your account. Don’t worry; it is temporary. 

Unconscious request for freezing the account

It may sound unusual, but customers often ask to have their accounts frozen and request unfrozen. It’s possible to request Afterpay to freeze accounts temporarily; in most cases, customers do it unconsciously. Check to make sure it’s not the reason for your declined charge. 

Solution For Unfreeze Your Afterpay Account

We always advise our readers to be aware of the facts that make accounts unstable and unusable. If you’re a new user, we suggest you limit your purchases to only a couple of items a month and gradually increase them as your relationship with Afterpay grows. Once Afterpay freezes your account, there’s not much you can do. You’ll have to contact Afterpay and explain the issue, and they’ll unfreeze your account.

Afterpay users whose accounts have been banned or frozen have said that they were able to unfreeze their accounts after contacting customer support. If your Afterpay Account has been frozen by mistake, you will need to raise a ticket and explain the problem.

It’s too bad Afterpay has closed their customer care phones. Otherwise, you could have called them directly, and your account would have been unfrozen fast. Be sure to check if the servers are working fine before you contact Afterpay.

Here’s how you do it:

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